Our body is like a factory. Whatever we put in, in the form of food, is assimilated & converted into a form, which is easily absorbed in the blood stream. Whatever waste or unabsorbed part remains, is thrown out of the body, mainly in the form of urine and stools; and to some extent by sweat.

It is very necessary to evacuate these wastes regularly, for a normal functioning of this factory. Usually it takes 15-18 hours for the food to get digested, absorbed and remaining part sent to large bowel for excretion. Whatever toxins or undesired parts remain in the blood, are filtered through the kidneys and are thrown out in the form of urine. If there is any irregularity in our food intake, then it reflects in the nature of the urine and stools. So, it works as a parameter of the functioning of the body.

If the waste products i.e. urine & stools are not evacuated at proper time then, the body's cycle gets disturbed and we gradually start getting problems in our digestion initially, and problems of other systems afterwards.

This normal evacuation depends on various factors, like our eating habits, our sleep pattern etc. There are some natural forces, which play an important role in this metabolism. Apana Vayu is considered to be playing a key role in this. In Mother Nature, early morning hours are considered to be the time, when Apana is very strong. the normal function of Apana is evacuation of stools, urine, spermatic fluid, and that of the foetus from the uterus (during delivery). So normally, we tend to evacuate in the early hours of the day. At this time we get help of natural forces. But those, who are late risers, do not get help of natural forces, because their active period is lapsed. So, these people tend to develop constipation, they require more time for evacuation. It has been observed in many patients complaining of constipation that, by just rising early in the morning, preferably at Brahma Muhurta               ( approx.40-45 min. before sunrise), there problem of constipation is relieved to great extent. Also it has been observed that, whenever there is any obstruction in the normal movement of Apana, then there is difficulty in passing of urine, stools or even the foetus. So in olden days, they used to give oil enema to the mother just few hours prior to the delivery, so she used to deliver normally, without obstruction.

So one should get up early in the morning. Should evacuate the bowels regularly. when the bowels are clean and empty, then one gets a feeling of freshness, he feels hungry. His appetite is improved and the overall body metabolism is kept at an optimum level.

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