Do's and Dont's in day-to-day life

According to Ayurveda the entire day(day and night ) is divided in eight segments. Four of the day and four of the night.

For each segment there is a specific work or a routine described.

The day starts with the Sun-rise; it ends with Sun-set.

The entire daily routine is described in Ayurveda as "Dincharya".

Dincharya includes all the things, that one is supposed to do throughout the day(i.e. from Sun-rise to Sun-set)

The things that one should do during the night ( i.e.from Sun-set to Sun-rise)are called Ratricharya.

In following heads we will see details about Dincharya:-

  1. Getting up.

  2. Evacuation of body wastes.( going to toilet & latrine)

  3. Mukhamarjana- Washing the mouth.

  4. Dantadhavana- Brushing the teeth.

  5. Cleaning the tongue.

  6. Prayer.

  7. Anjana- putting medicated drops/ creams in the eyes.

  8. Nasya- putting medicated oil drops in the nostrils.

  9. Gandush- gargaling / holdind warm medicated water in the throat.

  10. Abhyanga- massaging medicated oils to the body.

  11. Vyayama- Exersice.

  12. Snana- taking bath.

  13. Bhojana- Eating meal.

  14. Vyavasaya- Work for earning money.

Ratricharya is described in following heads:-

  1. Sayambhojana- Supper.

  2. Prayers.

  3. Chintana- Evaluating our entire day's work in our own mind.

  4. Nidra- sleep.


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