Getting up in the morning -

The ideal time to get up, according to Ayurveda, is Brahma Muhurta. i.e. approx. 45 minutes before the sun-rise. It is expected that one should finish his/ her morning rituals like brushing, going to toilet, bath etc. before sun-rise. And then should start his/ her daily routine after that.

Why to get up so early? It is considered that, Apana Vayu i.e. the force controlling the evacuation processes of the body is active at Brahma Muhurta. So if we get up at that time then naturally we get the help of natural forces and defaecation is normal. In case of late risers, when they get up, the natural forces have already started reducing and so we do not get their help. And so these people usually require some or the other laxative. When this becomes a habit then it starts affecting the digestion.

Also in the morning atmosphere is filled with fresh air and is full of oxygen. So when we get up at this time, we receive maximum of this pure air and it helps for a better circulation.



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