Like Ayurveda, YOGA also is a science of life. It describes in detail the ideal daily routine of an individual. Though it is expected that we follow these life styles as routine, we cannot or do not follow it. This is why we get into trouble.

In our today's fast and busy life, we are facing tremendous pressure, strain on our mind and physique. As a result of this we are faced with a lot of diseases like blood pressure, thyroid problems, mental disturbances etc; etc.

On this page we will be exploring some of the yogic principles, their uses and application in above mentioned and other disease conditions and how we can prevent them, and make our life more peaceful, happier and healthier.

For this we must know some BASIC CONCEPTS of YOGA SHATRA.

Yoga Shastra is divided in eight sub-divisions. So, it is called Ashtanga Yoga. Following are the eight divisions of Yoga--

1. YAMA - This tells us about way of our behavior in the society.

2. NIYAMA- This explains about our behavior towards our personal self.

3. ASANA - This branch guides you about your postures while performing the higher yogic practices. This is a stage where our body is prepared for the higher stages.

4. PRANAYAMA - In this procedure we learn about various breathing techniques, which help us to acquire control over our breathing. Pranayama is supposed to be the bridge between external & internal Yoga. Up to Pranayama we are dealing mostly with the BODY. From here onwards we start our journey towards and into the depths of the MIND.

5. PRATYAHARA - This means concentrating all our senses towards the MIND or SOUL.

6. DHARANA - This means concentrating our mind on one goal and binding it with that goal.

7. DHYANA - This means TOTAL and UNINTERRUPTED concentration of the mind with the goal.

8. SAMADHI - This is TOTAL UNISON with the goal.


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