On this page we will learn some of the common recipes that can be prepared at home and have invaluable use in some disease conditions.


1. MORAVALA- This is a jam like preparation prepared from Amala i.e. Eclipta Alba Fruit. Fruit of Amala is first steamed in cooker and then the seeds are removed from it. Then they are cut into pieces and equal quantity of sugar is added to it and it is kept in an air-tight glass bottle to ripe. Sugar itself acts as a preservative. This is to be kept for at least six months and then should be used. Approx. 1/2 to 1 teaspoon is to be taken before food or as and when required. 

This is a very good medicine for hyperacidity, and acidity related symptoms. This preparation becomes more and more effective as it matures. Usually according to olden tradition it is matured for at least one year.


2. Pachak - This is a liquid preparation prepared by using wet ginger. Fresh wet ginger juice and fresh lemon juice are taken in equal quantities. Equal amount of sugar is added to that and this is then kept in a glass container for maturing. Usually sugar dissolves in 3-4 days time. After that it is mixed thoroughly and then it can be used.

This is very effective as an appetiser, digestive and works very well in hyperacidity due to indigestion. This is taken 1/2 to 1 teaspoon with warm water before or after food as the requirement may be. 


3. Bael squash- This is prepared from Bael fruit i.e. fruit of Aegle Marmelos. Ripe bael fruit are required for this. Unripe fruit are green in colour. After removing the hard yellowish cover of the fruit, the pulp is mashed, the seeds are separated out and then sugar is added to it as an preservative. 

This is a golden yellow coloured preparation and is very effective for disorders of digestive system. 2-3 tablespoons of this thick squash is mixed with water and taken as and when required.


4. Khajur Manth - This is prepared from ripe brown or black Dates i.e. fruit of Phoenix  sylvesteris. Ripe Dates are taken, seeds removed and then the pulp is mashed thouroughly.  Approximately four times water is added and this is mixed again in a mixer/ liquidiser. Some  sugar and salt may be added for taste. 

This is a very good nourishing agent, can be given safely to diabetic patients also. (without adding sugar) This has got very good antacid action, at the same time works very good as an appetiser. It is very effective restorative, in cases of fatigue, fainting, low blood pressure and low blood sugar levels.


5. Goghruta Nasya- ( Instillation of cow's ghee drops in Nostrils) - Cow's ghee is warmed up to melt it and bring it to liquid form. Then with the help of a dropper or grooved handle of a spoon, 2-4 drops are put in each nostril. This is done usually twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

This is very effective in migraine, generlised headache, Pitta (acidity), vomitting, running nose etc. 

Do not put ghee drops in nostril, when there is cold and blockage of nose. 


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