We are running following internet courses for the viewers of this site, globally.

1.Basic Course of Ayurveda- In this course some basic principles of Ayurveda will be taught, which will enable the reader to know the basic functioning of human body. Also guidance will be given for evaluation of our own constitution, during this course.                                                                                              Course Fees : - Rs.5000/- or US $ 100/-

2.Basic Course in Yoga- Basic knowledge of Yogic sciences will be given. Please note that though this course includes some yogic practices( Asanas as commonly known); it's main aim is to explain the yogic principles.                    Course Fees : - Rs.5000/- or US $ 100/-

3.Basic Course in Yogic practices- In this course some common Yogasanas are explained in detail. Their uses as a supportive line of therapy are explained. Course Fees : - Rs.5000/- or US $ 100/-



1. Everybody who is interested in taking any of these courses has to fill up the registration form, giving all the details.

2. All the course fees are to be paid in advance and are not refundable in any case.

3. All the course material will be sent by e-mail attachments/ Direct e-mail. But AYURLINK will not be in any way responsible for non receipt of the material. Also AYURLINK can not be held responsible for any distortion/ damage/ loss of material due to any server or internet related problems. If intimated, then we will send another copy of such material ONCE only.

4. These courses are meant for sake of knowledge only. Though the information given is useful and harmless; Readers can try and use this knowledge for their own self and for their family members/ relatives/ friends etc. AT THEIR OWN RISK. AYURLINK or Dr. Kelkar can not be held responsible for any damage or ill effect occurring by use/ misuse of this knowledge.

5. Readers cannot copy or circulate these course materials, in any form without prior written permission from Dr. Kelkar.

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